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BRIGHT FASHION. I know what you may be thinking, but don’t worry, this is a trend that can absolutely be done at all ages (done a bit differently, of course). Plus, it’s one that we have seen before (remember the highlighter-esque colors that we adorned ourselves in back in the ’80s?), so it is a bit familiar. Hey, you may even find something in the very back of your closet that you can pull out again!We realize that bright may sound a little scary, but don’t worry, although it’s not for the faint of heart, it is also not just for those ultra-hipsters. No matter which path you choose – from the boldest to the smallest of accessories – remember that fashion is supposed to be fun. Bright colors fits so well into the theme of enjoying life for the simplest of pleasures. So next time you are at the store looking for an outfit, choose a standout piece of jewelry or a bright colored article of clothing that makes you smile. At the end of the day if it makes you happy, that’s all that matters.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Coolness everywhere

1. Carved Black Gem Ring ( RM8.00 )
-non adjustable-

2. Punk Retro Joint Rings ( RM 8.00 )
- non adjustable-

3. Union Jack Lips Double Ring ( RM 10.00)

Wings....Wings everywhere

1. Vintage Angel Wing Ring ( RM 8.00)
Adjustable ring

2. One side of Angel wing Ring ( RM8.00)
Adjustable ring

Mini Cross Ring

Price : RM 10.00 

Description(s) : non adjustable. Diameter : 1.6cm (size :16)

Tribal Zig Zag Knuckle Rings

RM 14.00 each

Description(s) : 
These rings are not adjustable ring. Dimensions : 5cm x 2.5cm, diameter : appro. 1.5cm

Bracelet and Bangles

1. Tribal Stone Art Bracelet - RM12.00
     Length : 22cm  Stone diameter : 3cm(approximately)

2. Retro 2 pieces Bangle Set - RM10.00
    Diameter : appro. 6.5cm  Thickness: 1cm

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Like A Sir Moustache chain Necklace

Cheap! Cheap! only For RM5 !!

Tribal Trend

1. Colorful Tribal Art Necklace - RM 12.00 each
2. Geo Moon Shape Necklace - RM 12.00
3. Triangle Zig Zag Pendant Choker - RM 12.00 

Vintage Necklace

1. Retro Candy Colors Necklace - RM 8.00 each
2. Carved Heart Shape Necklace - RM8.00 
3. Eiffle Tower Pendant Necklace - RM12.00
4. Peacock Feather Necklace - RM 12.00

*all are chest Length Necklace

camera camera camera

1. Camera Pendant Necklace - RM8.00 
2. Mini Camera Pendant - RM6.00 each

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Style stud and earring

1. Like A Sir Moustache Ear Studs
2. Ribbon Bow Earring with Love
Price : RM 7.00 each.
Dimensions : approximately 1cm x 1 cm for moustache
for ribbon bow : width - 1.5cm x 2.5cm

Cute Korean Style Studs

1. Heart Shape Studs
2. Camera Studs
Price : RM5.00 Each
Dimensions : approximately 1cm x 1cm

Cute Ear Studs

1. Hearts Shape Leopard Print studs
2. Round Union Jack Stud
3. Pink Heart Shape Leopard print studs
Price : RM6.00 each

Retro Earrings

1. Retro Round Leopard Print Studs
2. Crown Medal Vintage Studs
Price : RM8.00
Dimensions : can compare with the coin.

Hard Shell Peacock Print Earrings

Dimensions : Width - 4cm Length - 7cm
Price : RM10.00

Neon Color Feather Earrings

Dimensions : width - 1cm Length- 9cm
Price : RM10.00